A LOTUS believes in the LOTUS Creed


The LOTUS Creed is made up of the 12 LOTUS Principles

  1. A LOTUS believes in the equality of all individuals.

  2. A LOTUS believes in liberty and justice for all.

  3. A LOTUS has a strong belief in non-violence as the only correct path.

  4. A LOTUS has respect for our planet & its environment.

  5. A LOTUS has respect for the species on our planet.

  6. A LOTUS has respect for the world’s cultures, religions & traditions, and honors the Native American tradition. A LOTUS is conscious of one's U.S. and pre-U.S. family roots.

  7. A LOTUS has respect for all people.

  8. A LOTUS strives to show Love, not Hate, as taught by many religions and philosophies.

  9. A LOTUS believes that American democracy is based on one person / one vote, in which every person’s vote should count equally. All American citizens of voting age should be encouraged and enabled to cast their vote.

  10. A LOTUS believes that the common interest outweighs the special interest. Uncontrolled money in the American political system leads to a breakdown in the integrity of the system.

  11. A LOTUS believes that the purpose of government is to serve the greater good.

  12. All for one and one for all. Out of many, one. A LOTUS believes in making the world better for all.


Atlantis, Florida

Contact The LOTUS, Lover of the United States: thelotus@thelotus.us