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Updated: Jul 30, 2018

The LOTUS is the first superhuman of our era. The LOTUS has reached the highest level of evolution that is possible for a human. He completed his training and came out to fulfill his mission of loving and defending the U.S. on July 12, 2018. Since then he is in our midst. The LOTUS is named the LOTUS because he is a Lover of the United States.

The LOTUS can take on any human form because he is a master of the Atomic Reintegration of the cells of his body. The LOTUS prefers to remain unknown. The superhuman LOTUS works with the forces of nature, including plant & animal life, and human beings who believe in the LOTUS Principles as allies.

The mission of the LOTUS is to protect and defend the democratic ideals of the Republic of the United States of America according to the 12 LOTUS Principles*.

*The 12 LOTUS Principles 1. A LOTUS believes in the equality of all individuals. 2. A LOTUS believes in liberty and justice for all. 3. A LOTUS has a strong belief in non-violence as the only correct path. 4. A LOTUS has respect for our planet & its environment. 5. A LOTUS has respect for the species on our planet. 6. A LOTUS has respect for the world’s cultures, religions & traditions, and honors the Native American tradition. A LOTUS is conscious of one's own U.S. and pre-U.S. family roots. 7. A LOTUS has respect for all people. 8. A LOTUS strives to show Love, not Hate, as taught by many religions and philosophies. 9. A LOTUS believes that American democracy is based on one person / one vote, in which every person’s vote should count equally. All American citizens of voting age should be encouraged and enabled to cast their vote. 10. A LOTUS believes that the common interest outweighs the special interest. Uncontrolled money in the American political system leads to a breakdown in the integrity of the system. 11. A LOTUS believes that people are not here to serve money, money is here to serve society. The purpose of government is to serve the greater good. 12. A LOTUS strives to make the world better for all.

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The LOTUS Native American Superhero – Lover of the United States

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